Tips to Select the Right Web Hosting Company for Your Small Business

A web hosting company plays a key role in the success of a small business. So you have to select a good web hosting company just like you did in selecting the right web designer. Even if you design your own website, you still need to find out that one best canadian hosting services that can help you reach your targets faster. A bad web host can seriously dent your business with sluggish page loading and frequent breakdowns.

Following information can help you to pick the right web hosting company, and the right web hosting package for your business.

Understanding the size of business

If you plan to run a small scale home business or online business, you don’t really need a big corporate web hosting company to host your website. There are plenty of good web hosting companies which can host your website for as low as two to three dollars a month. But if you aim big, and if you plan to expand your business at quicker pace, you have to have a well established and reliable web hosting company on your side.

Understanding the type of business

If your business is completely dependent on the internet and if your revenue is directly linked to the number of visitors your website gets, your website needs to stay on the premium servers. All the content based websites, commercial blogs and sites, which are dependent on the online advertising revenue, require high performance servers as they are expected to grow bigger and bigger as days go by.

If your site is just for representing your existing offline business, you may not need to spend big bucks on hosting. A normal web hosting package is more than enough in this case.

Selecting a web hosting company

There are hundreds of thousands of web hosting companies around the world. Picking one from many is very difficult, but a little research and common sense will let you find a good company that stands out from many.

1. Try to find the web hosting companies in your locality. It’s always best to have a direct contact with the web hosting company.

2. Spend some time in the internet to find the good web hosting companies.

3. Do the research, never sign up instantly to anything that you find good.

4. Try to read the reviews of the web hosting companies.

You can use the words like “[company name] sucks” to check the reviews or complaints of the discontented customers.

5. If you like a company, then intensify your research work to find more and more customer reviews and ratings.

6. The last thing you can do is, you call their office and have a casual chat with them about the company, or hosting features, or anything, just to find how good the support staff are.

Select the right web hosting package

Windows hosting vs. Linux hosting

Windows hosting and the Linux hosting are the terms that normally confuse normal people when comes to selecting the hosting. If you run a blog, or a website that uses basic HTML, PHP, MySQL or Perl, Linux hosting should be your choice. But if you are planning to build a site which is Windows specific (E.g., you have no choice but to go with Windows hosting.

Shared hosting, Virtual private servers (VPS) and Dedicated hosting

Shared hosting is apt for many small and home businesses. Even if you are planning to develop a big website or a blog, it’s best to start with a shared hosting plan. Shared hosting plans are cheap, easy to manage and quite effective. A typical shared hosting plan can cost you anywhere from two dollars to ten dollars.

Virtual private servers are or VPS hosting allows you to have a virtual machine installed on a physical server that is shared by many. In VPS, you will have the complete control on your virtual server. If your site starts getting big traffic, you should seriously think about switching to VPS.

In dedicated hosting, the web hosting company provides you with a physical web server that’s not shared with anyone. A dedicated hosting is right for a website that’s huge in terms of size and the traffic, or a website that’s expected to be one.

Selecting the plans

The web hosting packages comes in different plans. For example, a shared hosting plan can come in two to four different plans with different price tags. Generally the lowest plan offers limited features, while the top plan gives you more power. Select a plan wisely according to your requirements.

The unlimited hosting gimmick

Almost all web hosting companies serve the ‘unlimited space and bandwidth’ meal to their customers! They say you can upload as much as you want, or you can use as much bandwidth as you want, but the truth is that you can’t use it as you would like to! The limited CPU resources will not let you take the advantage of unlimited hosting. Don’t forget to read the “terms amp; conditions” and “fair use policy” of the web hosting companies before you join.

Common sense

Use a cheap hosting plan for your website during the development stages. Gradually increase your hosting package from shared to dedicated hosting. It can save you some money.

Free web hosting

You can find many web hosting companies which offer free web hosting. If you really don’t care about the quality, and if saving money is your top priority, you can host your website on a free server. Free web hosting lacks a lot of features that we see in paid hosting. It’s slow, the servers are overcrowded and many free web hosting companies run their advertisements on user websites.


A bad web host can spoil your dreams. Your website visitors will not show interest in visiting your website again if they find it slow and sluggish. So take some time, show some interest and find a good web host.

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