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Best movies on netflix Canada 2017

Netflix is one of the most popular American entertainment companies, which lets you stream movies and TV shows. You will find plenty of amazing movies there. However, some of the best movies on Netflix US are:
1. Zootopia: If you are looking for an animated movie, then Zootopia is undoubtedly the best choice. In this movie, Disney takes you to the beautiful and colorful world of Zootopia, where all kinds of animals live together. The story revolves around Judy Hopps, who is the only rabbit in the history of the land to become a part of the elite police force. She makes friends with a clever fox named Nick, and the both work together to catch a dangerous criminal. Apart from the stunning animations and witty dialogues, Zootopia also has a very thought provoking message.

2. Y Tu Mama Tambien: This is one of the best travel related movies, which you will ever see. Diego and Gael are two young boys from rich families. They decide to go on a road trip with Maribel, who is much older then the both of them. Their main aim was to enjoy the freedom, which they didn’t have at their homes. However, slowly both of them started falling in love with Gabriel and a love triangle was formed. They also revealed some of their secrets which no one knew before. They returned as completely changed persons. The director, Alfonso Cuaron also managed to brilliantly capture the beauty of Mexico in some of the scenes. We also get a glimpse of the political scenario during that time.

3. Boyhood: Boyhood is one of the most unique movies ever made. The movie was shot for 12 years. Mason, a 6 year old boy, is one of the central characters of the movie. He lives along with his sister Samantha and his divorced mother. However, their father has visiting rights and comes to meet them frequently. The story is quite simple, but the story telling is absolutely out of the world. Linklater brilliant portrayed all the events which happened to the family in those 12 years. It is quite amazing to see the entire cast age during the course of the movie.

4. The Imitation Game: This movie is about the life of Alan Turing. He was a brilliant mathematician who designed a machine to decrypt the secret German messages. His invention helped save thousands of lives during World War 2 . However unfortunately, homosexuality was a crime during that period and he committed suicide because of that. But it was the brilliant acting of Benedict Cumberbatch, that took this movie to a whole new different level.

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