Finding the Right Web Host

When you find yourself in a position to launch a website you will find that there are plenty of web hosting companies that want your business. Which one is right for your needs and how do you go about choosing one?

Cost is the first thing you should consider. How much do they charge for their service and how many options are included within that cost? You should check to see if you get sub-domain TOP hosting Mexico, the amount of email accounts and bandwidth available for the services offered. Also see how much storage space you will have for your pictures, music files and html pages. These things are important especially if you are going to open an on-line shop or a site that will have a lot of merchandise.

Does the company offer Google ad sense credits or other advertising credits? It may not seem important at first but later on you will want to make some money from the visits your site receives and in order to do that you will have to have some sort of ad campaign installed. Take a look at just about any web portal and you will find that along with their own products and services they provide products and service ads from other companies on their pages. These ads and offers from other companies generate income for the web site even if no one buys anything from the original site because they generate ad revenue. A few hundred hits a day to your site could generate enough ad revenue to pay for your hosting and domain registration bills depending of what you advertise and who you advertise with.

Do some research. Downtime is important because if the host goes down for maintenance or some other issue that means your site is not available until the host comes back on-line. Check around, maybe even ask other users how their experience with the hosting company has been and how long they have been with the hosting company. Do a Google search using the companies name and “problems” or “issues” included with your keyword search.

Also check to see if they offer auto responders, PHP, CGI, and other administrative services with their hosting plans. Even if you do not know what those words mean your administrator will and it is important that the site administrator, whether it is you or someone you hire, has all of the available options and services they will need to make your web site as efficient and usable as possible for your visitors.

Competition in the market has driven the cost of hosting a web site down but finding the lowest price isn’t always the best way to go. Some companies may be on their way out of business and are trying to make as much as they can on their way out. If the company is selling out to another company then it may not be a big issue but if they are closing their doors for good it might mean that all of your hard work might just evaporate without warning one day. Make sure the company you go with has been in business for a decent amount of time and has a good reputation with its clients. Research is everything when it comes to your web presence and the longevity of your web site.

When you find your ideal hosting company it is best to have your web site developed and ready to launch so you can upload your files immediately. Never launch a web site with “under construction” or “coming soon” posted on your main page. Having your site complete and bug free ensures repeat visits and larger traffic revenue because people do not want to keep checking to see if you are ready. Having your web site ready at the time you purchase hosting makes you look more professional and will keep your customers coming back for more when you post updates and new products or services.

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Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice Praises Latin American Countries for Counterterrorism Efforts

While President Bush has been across the Atlantic, meeting with the leaders of the other seven members of the “G8,” Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has been in Panama City, meeting with America’s neighbors to the south, according to the U.S. State Department.

Bush’s G8 Conference will naturally gain more media attention, as it includes the eight most powerful, industrialized Western nations of the world. But Rice’s trip will strengthen cooperation between the governments of the Western Hemisphere, making America’s ties to its regional neighbors stronger.

Rice spoke on the Panamanian television station Telemundo in praise of the counterterrorism efforts of the governments of Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay in the “tri-border region” where these three South American countries touch.

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The three nations have recently created an intelligence center in the region, operating out of the Brazilian city of Foz de Iguacu. The Brazilians opened the center, and then extended invitations to its neighbors to participate. The purpose of the new center is to gather intelligence concerning terrorist fund-raising activities, gun and drug trafficking, and other illegal trans-border activities in the area.

Rice praised the cooperation between the countries. She said that the fight against terrorism must be international in scope if it is to succeed. She mentioned the recent uncovered terrorist plot against J.F.K. International Airport in New York as an example of the benefits of international intelligence-sharing and counterterrorism efforts. Several of the conspirators considered to be involved in that plot were from the Latin American countries of Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago, and information from those countries was essential in uncovering the plot.

The concern in the tri-border region is that there is a large Muslim immigrant population numbering around 50,000 people, within which there may be support of fund-raising efforts by terrorist groups such as Al Quaida, Hamas and Hezbollah. The region is also known as a hotspot for drug trafficking, money laundering, and weapons trafficking. These features, along with the ability to escape into several neighboring countries, make it an ideal place for a terrorist presence. This was the rationale for the United States being involved in establishing the “3 + 1 Group on Tri-Border Area Security” in this region. The group includes Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and the United States in a participatory role.

The tri-border region is also a tri-city region, composed of Bolivia’s Ciudad del Este (pop. 240,000), Argentina’s Puerto Iguazú (pop. 28,100), and Brazil’s tourist center Foz do Iguacu (pop. 190,000). The cities meet where the Iguazu and Parana Rivers converge, the site of a beautiful and majestic series of waterfalls that was the setting for the 1987 Oscar-winning film The Mission, starring Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons. De Niro and Irons played 18-century Jesuit missionaries to South America.

The region’s lands were disputed even at this time, as shown in the film. The region was also the center of a type of illegal trafficking – at that time the trafficking in human slavery. One of the themes of that film was the possibility for crime and inhumanity that arises in an area where the governing authority is unclear or shared.

The varied terrain, rivers, and huge waterfalls make the region a geographically gorgeous tourist spot, but also a magnet for illegal activities. The terrain is very difficult to patrol and defend. In 2002 and 2006 the United States Treasury Department issued memos stating that there are “clear examples” of “Islamic groups in the region that finance terrorist activities.”

These groups are located in the three urban areas, and the activities are carried out across the rivers and outlying lands of the region. The Paraguayan side of the region is of particular concern, as Paraguay has no national laws against contributing money to terrorist organizations. According to the Washington Post, Paraguay gave international immunity to 400 American soldiers in May of 2006, according to the Washington Post, for “joint military exercises, such as programs on fighting urban terrorists, public security and humanitarian assistance.” But Paraguay has decided not to renew that immunity, making the region once again risky from the American viewpoint.


U.S. State Department, y;=2007 m;=June x;=20070606134703x1eneerg1.139468e-02

Washington Post, Paraguay Hardens U.S. Military Stance,

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Joomla Tutorials: Using and Managing Components in a Joomla Web Site

Components allow you to add elements to your site such as calendars, message board forums, profiles for users, video directories, comment and rating systems, staff directories, classified ads and much more. When looking for a component you should ask yourself “What do I want my website to DO?”
Instructions for use of components varies widely and so I’ve covered the basics here, while covering more in depth instructions in other articles about specific components.

You can download components from many different providers on the Internet. There are many free and commercial components available for Joomla web sites. The easiest way to find components that will accomplish what you want is to visit the extensions directory at There are also ratings and reviews of the extensions there, so it may give you an idea of the ease of use and quality of the component.

How to install a component to your Joomla web site:

1) Log in to your administration area at

2) In the row of menus across the top, choose “installers”

3) Choose “Components” from the drop down menu.

4) Use the browse button to find the component file on your hard drive.

5) Click upload.

Many components have related mambots and modules available. Mambots allow for searching and inserting things such as photos, videos, etc into your content. Modules allow for displaying of data from your component in featured areas on your page. Depending on the provider, you may have to download each of them separately or they may come together in a zip file. If they come as a package, you will have to unzip the package file before installing the items.

Components, Modules or Mambots that are downloaded individually should not be unzipped before installing. They are supposed to be zipped files.

If you get a message that says a file is not set up as a component file, you either need to unzip the file first to find the component zip file inside or you are trying to install a module or mambot.

How to edit or configure components on your Joomla web site:

1) Log in to your administration area at

2) In the row of menus across the top, choose “Components”

3) Choose the component you want to edit or configure from the drop down menu

4) Most components will have an options menu slide out to the right when you roll your mouse over them. Most have a “Configure” option. This is where you will make configuration changes.

5) Click the disk icon to save your changes.

How viewers access your component from your web site – Creating a link to your component on your Joomla web site:

In order for web site visitors to see your calendar, directory or other Joomla component, you will need to create a link in one of the menus so that they can access it.

1) Log in to your administration area at

2) In the row of menus across the top, go to “menus”

3) Click the menu in the drop down menu that you want to add the link to – this will depend on where on the page you want the link to appear

4) Click the “new” button on the top right of the page

5) Click “Component” on the right of the page that offers different type of links to add.

6) Give your link a name such as “Upcoming Events” or “Our Staff”.

7) Choose the component you are linking to from the list of components available.

8) Click the disk icon to save.

Source: curso intensivo joomla

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Tips to Select the Right Web Hosting Company for Your Small Business

A web hosting company plays a key role in the success of a small business. So you have to select a good web hosting company just like you did in selecting the right web designer. Even if you design your own website, you still need to find out that one best canadian hosting services that can help you reach your targets faster. A bad web host can seriously dent your business with sluggish page loading and frequent breakdowns.

Following information can help you to pick the right web hosting company, and the right web hosting package for your business.

Understanding the size of business

If you plan to run a small scale home business or online business, you don’t really need a big corporate web hosting company to host your website. There are plenty of good web hosting companies which can host your website for as low as two to three dollars a month. But if you aim big, and if you plan to expand your business at quicker pace, you have to have a well established and reliable web hosting company on your side.

Understanding the type of business

If your business is completely dependent on the internet and if your revenue is directly linked to the number of visitors your website gets, your website needs to stay on the premium servers. All the content based websites, commercial blogs and sites, which are dependent on the online advertising revenue, require high performance servers as they are expected to grow bigger and bigger as days go by.

If your site is just for representing your existing offline business, you may not need to spend big bucks on hosting. A normal web hosting package is more than enough in this case.

Selecting a web hosting company

There are hundreds of thousands of web hosting companies around the world. Picking one from many is very difficult, but a little research and common sense will let you find a good company that stands out from many.

1. Try to find the web hosting companies in your locality. It’s always best to have a direct contact with the web hosting company.

2. Spend some time in the internet to find the good web hosting companies.

3. Do the research, never sign up instantly to anything that you find good.

4. Try to read the reviews of the web hosting companies.

You can use the words like “[company name] sucks” to check the reviews or complaints of the discontented customers.

5. If you like a company, then intensify your research work to find more and more customer reviews and ratings.

6. The last thing you can do is, you call their office and have a casual chat with them about the company, or hosting features, or anything, just to find how good the support staff are.

Select the right web hosting package

Windows hosting vs. Linux hosting

Windows hosting and the Linux hosting are the terms that normally confuse normal people when comes to selecting the hosting. If you run a blog, or a website that uses basic HTML, PHP, MySQL or Perl, Linux hosting should be your choice. But if you are planning to build a site which is Windows specific (E.g., you have no choice but to go with Windows hosting.

Shared hosting, Virtual private servers (VPS) and Dedicated hosting

Shared hosting is apt for many small and home businesses. Even if you are planning to develop a big website or a blog, it’s best to start with a shared hosting plan. Shared hosting plans are cheap, easy to manage and quite effective. A typical shared hosting plan can cost you anywhere from two dollars to ten dollars.

Virtual private servers are or VPS hosting allows you to have a virtual machine installed on a physical server that is shared by many. In VPS, you will have the complete control on your virtual server. If your site starts getting big traffic, you should seriously think about switching to VPS.

In dedicated hosting, the web hosting company provides you with a physical web server that’s not shared with anyone. A dedicated hosting is right for a website that’s huge in terms of size and the traffic, or a website that’s expected to be one.

Selecting the plans

The web hosting packages comes in different plans. For example, a shared hosting plan can come in two to four different plans with different price tags. Generally the lowest plan offers limited features, while the top plan gives you more power. Select a plan wisely according to your requirements.

The unlimited hosting gimmick

Almost all web hosting companies serve the ‘unlimited space and bandwidth’ meal to their customers! They say you can upload as much as you want, or you can use as much bandwidth as you want, but the truth is that you can’t use it as you would like to! The limited CPU resources will not let you take the advantage of unlimited hosting. Don’t forget to read the “terms amp; conditions” and “fair use policy” of the web hosting companies before you join.

Common sense

Use a cheap hosting plan for your website during the development stages. Gradually increase your hosting package from shared to dedicated hosting. It can save you some money.

Free web hosting

You can find many web hosting companies which offer free web hosting. If you really don’t care about the quality, and if saving money is your top priority, you can host your website on a free server. Free web hosting lacks a lot of features that we see in paid hosting. It’s slow, the servers are overcrowded and many free web hosting companies run their advertisements on user websites.


A bad web host can spoil your dreams. Your website visitors will not show interest in visiting your website again if they find it slow and sluggish. So take some time, show some interest and find a good web host.

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Best movies on netflix Canada 2017

Netflix is one of the most popular American entertainment companies, which lets you stream movies and TV shows. You will find plenty of amazing movies there. However, some of the best movies on Netflix US are:
1. Zootopia: If you are looking for an animated movie, then Zootopia is undoubtedly the best choice. In this movie, Disney takes you to the beautiful and colorful world of Zootopia, where all kinds of animals live together. The story revolves around Judy Hopps, who is the only rabbit in the history of the land to become a part of the elite police force. She makes friends with a clever fox named Nick, and the both work together to catch a dangerous criminal. Apart from the stunning animations and witty dialogues, Zootopia also has a very thought provoking message.

2. Y Tu Mama Tambien: This is one of the best travel related movies, which you will ever see. Diego and Gael are two young boys from rich families. They decide to go on a road trip with Maribel, who is much older then the both of them. Their main aim was to enjoy the freedom, which they didn’t have at their homes. However, slowly both of them started falling in love with Gabriel and a love triangle was formed. They also revealed some of their secrets which no one knew before. They returned as completely changed persons. The director, Alfonso Cuaron also managed to brilliantly capture the beauty of Mexico in some of the scenes. We also get a glimpse of the political scenario during that time.

3. Boyhood: Boyhood is one of the most unique movies ever made. The movie was shot for 12 years. Mason, a 6 year old boy, is one of the central characters of the movie. He lives along with his sister Samantha and his divorced mother. However, their father has visiting rights and comes to meet them frequently. The story is quite simple, but the story telling is absolutely out of the world. Linklater brilliant portrayed all the events which happened to the family in those 12 years. It is quite amazing to see the entire cast age during the course of the movie.

4. The Imitation Game: This movie is about the life of Alan Turing. He was a brilliant mathematician who designed a machine to decrypt the secret German messages. His invention helped save thousands of lives during World War 2 . However unfortunately, homosexuality was a crime during that period and he committed suicide because of that. But it was the brilliant acting of Benedict Cumberbatch, that took this movie to a whole new different level.

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Registering a domain

Internet domains provide us with the task of accessing a web server allowing browse our favorite information portal, because as you know, a domain name translates or redirect an IP address easier to remember, for example, Wikipedia terms. org. In other words, without the existence of this system of domain names or DNS Internet users would have to type in the address bar of the web browser the IP address of the server on which a portal his name known domain staying in place.

Now a domain is located within the ccTLD type, or territorial TLDs, which are domains that manage organizations based in each country respectively as appropriate. In the case of Argentina, the territorial superior level domains “.jp” are administered by the regulatory government body and of course the National Registration of Internet Domains. Then let’s what interests you, how to register a domain


Registering a domain

Just go to the government website that works as a provider of ccTLD domains in Argentina,, you can check in the following steps:

After accessing the website NIC Argentina, the first step is to make sure your domain is available. To do this click on the “search domains” and then “see”, if available have the immediate option to register, is not available must lean on the other similar domain name.
First you must be registered with the NIC system to opt for a domain, so for this click “register” at the top of the portal, then log in with your username and password. Now, click on “register domain” to add it to your shopping cart.
The next step will pay your domain by clicking “continue” within the truck applications. Click “new billing information” Register your information and press “Continue” then proceed with payment information then clicking on “pay”.
The payment your new domain will appear in the “domains” section within the control panel NIC Argentina; Later you can click on “delegate” to enter the DNS server information will point to where that domain regularly to your web hosting.


And that’s it! Too easy right? We must emphasize the excellent work they have done in NIC Argentina, because its management interface is extremely friendly, very easy to understand and it is also striking to the eye. Registering a domain becomes a very simple thing if you follow to the letter these steps if you want to receive more information about it I recommend you read this article wwwMejoreshostingpro also can register up to 10 domains at once if you want as shown in the web portal NIC. If you have this information helpful to you we suggest the share so that everyone knows how to get a top-level domain .jp quickly and in a few steps.

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Bluehost was founded back in 1996 by Matt Heaton and is currently one of the most popular web hosting service providers. For this reason, it has become necessary to write a Bluehost Review 2016 wwwMejoreshostingpro. This web hosting service works perfectly for all types of web developers, whether expert or amateur. For amateurs, they offer a free drag-and-drop site builder to enable users to create websites without having to hire website designers. Besides that, users can also take advantage of tools offered to create a site optimized for mobile devices.


Benefits of Bluehost

First is the uptime of the service, which averages at 99.9%. As most of us already know, this is above average performance.

Another key feature of Bluehost is the security. They offer users anti spam tools, hotlink protection and IP address blacklist. In addition, your site data is backed up regularly and this can spare you the stress of having to start from scratch incase anything happens to your website.

Bluehost also has a dedicated customer support team that is available all hours of the day or night and at all times of the year. Users can get through to the customer support team via phone, email or even on live chat.


Bluehost features three main shared hosting plans. The basic plan costs 3.95 USD, the plus plan costs 6.95 USD per month and the business pro plan costs 14.95 USD per month. All plans will include unlimited bandwidth and a free domain. The business pro plan even allows one the capacity to host an unlimited number of websites and operate an unlimited number of email accounts. This is especially important for those with many employees. The prices stated in this Bluehost Review 2016 apply only if you choose to pay for three years. Otherwise, you may have to pay more.


Bluehost offers new users a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Final Verdict

Bluehost is worth trying out.

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Choosing a VPN To Protect Your Data From Hackers

Virtual Private Network is one of the best technologies that make it possible for several computers to be connected over the internet without hampering security enforcement. Your organization could be handling sensitive information which must not be leaked to an unauthorized person and this approach can come in handy in facilitating that. You can get the best free vpn vpnoneclick_logo_512x512that can securely serve your company but before that, it will be good to mention the following about the service.

What Virtual Private Network Offers

The most noticeable feature of VPN is that it provides an organization with the ability to encrypt its own data when they are connected to the provider of the VPN Canada. For example, if you are using the best free vpn you will be able to access your social media website and your organizations main website with the data being encrypted. A hacker from wherever part of the world will therefore not be able to access your data or verify the site you are using. For companies that handle sensitive information like those of client’s financial information, they should make use of the technology lest they lose their customer’s trust.

Who Should Use VPNicon_bestvpn

There are websites which have content that can be accessed by anyone regardless of their occupation, age, gender or place of origin. If you are in that group, VPN may not be for you but for those who limit on who to access it, then the technology is paramount. For example, your company may want to launch a new product at a future date and to avoid competitors from having a clue, the best free vpn can help in ensuring that is fulfilled when the information is available online for a few. The other scenario is when an individual doesn’t want anybody else or the public in that matter to know about their online activities.

How to Choose the Best VPN Provider

There are several companies that offer VPN services but that’s not a guarantee that your data is always secure. Some providers might have malicious intentions which can jeopardize your brand or company. When choosing a provider of this service, the first check is to make sure that they have been in existence for some years and they serve renowned brands. Their policies should also help you determine how they value the sensitivity of your matter or not. Where is the server located? You should choose that whose country policies don’t affect your company’s policies too.

Now it’s time to enjoy the power the best free vpn can offer when it comes to security after taking above into consideration.

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